Anonymous: This liquor got me lurkin' where you live at in the night time 59 fifty to the left, but I'm in my right mind Thuggin' - Pants gon' be saggin' til I'm 40 Still lyrically sharper than any short bus shawty Phonies ain't gon' throw me in this Minstrel Show These labels see how far up in they mouth my dick can go So go'n and, choke on this meat, throw my song on repeat Might move away one day but I'm always gonna belong to the streets

Bitch cuz I’m thuggin !!!

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Poco pedejita perro, es okay my frien !

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I donโ€™t really forgive people I just pretend like its ok and wait for my opportunity to destroy them

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Why did I agree to this , I don’t feel like going to knotts this is to early for me

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